Chapter 4: Sleeping Arrangements

There is much that needs to be covered when it comes to where you sleep or rest round the house but for this section we will concentrate on your main place of slumber. After all, sleep is incredibly important to us cats, we are only as clever as we are because of the amount of rest we get.

alfie-sleepingJust as with food we do not all like to sleep in the same places and our humans need to be made aware of this. I, for example prefer to sleep on either the sofa or in a chair on top of a warm snuggly blanket, or the very least a soft cushion. My friend, Tiger, likes her cat basket which she says makes her feel cosy. So bearing this in mind I am going to give you the following tips.

– If your human buys you a bed you don’t like, refuse to sleep in it. If they put you in it, yelp loudly and jump out as if it’s on fire. They will soon learn!

– If they try to ban you from certain pieces of furniture pretend you don’t understand. Humans don’t understand how clever we cats are, so playing dumb is a very good tactic.

– If you like sleeping on a bed, which to be fair is where humans sleep so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for some of us, then just sleep there. Some nicer humans will share with you, but if they don’t then just keep doing it. Sleep in the middle of the bed if you really need to hammer the message home. Humans tend to give up much quicker than cats do.

– If this doesn’t give you the results you desire, after all humans aren’t always that quick on the up-take, be persistent and consistent. Find your sleeping goal and refuse to sleep anywhere else.
Good luck, fellow cats and enjoy your rest on your place of sleep fit for a cat!

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