Chapter 3: Food

12233138_10153582627290795_1002708252_nWe all know how important food is to everyone, not just cats. You would think that humans understood the need for delicious nutrition for us cats but alas sometimes, yet again you need to spell it out.

Us cats are not all the same, we know that but, humans don’t always realise. We all like to eat different things. My favourite food is pilchards but my friend, Tiger loves the cat food that comes out of a pouch – I always say there is no accounting for taste. But the point is that we deserve to eat what we enjoy, but we just have to let humans this.

First, it’s important to establish two things:
1. Letting humans know when you are hungry.
2. Letting them know what you want to eat.

When you are hungry, there are a few actions to take:

1. Miaow loudly and urgently, especially if you are ready for breakfast and your humans are still sleeping.
2. Go to where your bowl is, or scratch at the cupboard where the food is kept. (I have been known to actually get into my food cupboard, but the problem is that I got stuck so be careful.)
3. Repeat above steps as necessary.

To let them know what food you like/dislike:

1. Eat eagerly if you like food, lick your lips and purr appreciatively once you have finished dining. Praise your human by making a fuss of them. Humans love praise and if you rub against their legs, purr, and snuggle into them, they know they have done something right.
2. Leave food if you dislike it. If you are very hungry eat a bit but make it clear you dislike it by miaowing loudly and leaving the bulk of it in your bowl. Refuse affection. It might sound harsh but, if you don’t stand firm on your paws then you might never get food you like.
3. If necessary jump on the table when they are eating, to show you would like food a bit more like theirs. If you really need to make a point lick their food – it might make your human angry at first but they will soon get the message.

As I’ve said before the key, in all areas of human training, is to keep things as simple and consistent as possible. Enjoy your purr-fect food after following my simple rules.

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