Rachel Wells is a mother, writer and cat lover who lives in North Devon with her son, Xavier and her cat Lady A. She grew up in Devon but lived in London for a number of years, working in Marketing and living in a tiny flat with an elderly rescued cat, who she called Albert.

After having a child she moved back home and is currently juggling writing full time and being a single mum.

She has always had cats as pets, ever since she was a young child, and she has always loved writing. Delighted to have been able to combine her two main passions, ALFIE THE DOORSTEP CAT was her first cat novel. She has continued with A CAT CALLED ALFIE, ALFIE & GEORGE, ALFIE THE HOLIDAY CAT, ALFIE IN THE SNOW, A FRIEND CALLED ALFIE and ALFIE THE CHRISTMAS CAT. Delighted to be able to continue to bring Alfie’s adventures to life, Alfie has become a part of the family. She has also written two books for children about Alfie; ALFIE – CAT IN TROUBLE and ALFIE – FAR FROM HOME.

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Author of Alfie The Doorstep Cat