About Alfie

Alfie is five cat years old. He currently lives in Edgar Road, London, and has lived there for the last three years. He is a doorstep cat, meaning he has more than one family and more than one home. He visits various houses and has families in each. This makes him qualified to advise other cats on humans, having a wider experience than many cats have with them. He loves his humans but also understands better than most how important training them can be. One of his mottos is “an untrained human is like a dog without a lead.” And no cat wants that.

Alfie has starred in seven books. See them on the Books page. He likes to think he is the Harry Potter of the cat world, only without the magic and Quidditch. He decided to write A CAT’S GUIDE TO TRAINING YOUR HUMAN to share his knowledge of humans with his fellow cats. Alfie likes pilchards, butterflies, leaves and sunshine. He dislikes dogs, cat ready meals (especially tins) and water, including rain. He hopes you enjoy his guide to training your human and looks forward to any feedback the cat community would like to give him.

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Author of Alfie The Doorstep Cat